What Is Dubois County Junior Golf?

Dubois County Junior Golf is an initiative created by caring Professionals in the community and sponsored by local business.  The main goal of DCJG is to introduce and engage young adults into the game of golf.

The DCJG Spring Program is comprised of 2 Main Components - Instruction and Play:
• Lessons: (Participants will learn skills in all facets of the sport. Rules, Etiquette, Full-Swing Fundamentals, Short-Game, Practice Habits).  Beginning/Intermediate, and Advanced classes are both offered. Classes are taught by an experienced PGA Professional.
• League: Development of positive and healthy relationships through friendly team competitions that encourage player development and positive self-esteem.
Basic Lesson Plan: Each participant  will receive 3 Group Lessons (1 hr/ ea.) and compete in 6 League Matches. Teams will be determined and announced end of March or first week of lessons on the website.  
Extended Lesson Plan: Each participant  will receive 6 Group Lessons (1 hr/ ea.) and compete in 6 League Matches. Teams will be determined and announced end of March or first week of lessons on the website.

Players will be divided into Teams and 2 Leagues. Teams and Leagues are determined by the coaching and teaching staff. Your child will be placed in the league model and team that we feel is best suited for his/her progress and enjoyment. The two Leagues are:
Jr. Futures League - Comprised of Beginning to Intermediate players. (Scramble Format, possibly some Best-Ball).
Jr. Elite League - Comprised of Experienced and Advanced players. (Scramble, Best-Ball, and Stroke Play)

Who? When? Where:
The program is open to ALL Dubois County 5th through 8th grade students. Due to space limitations, registration is limited. No prior experience is necessary,  just a desire to learn and play this great game of golf! Beginners and advanced players will both benefit from the program!
The program runs end of March thru May and will be conducted at Ruxer Golf Course & Buffalo Trace GC. The Instruction begins on select dates of your choice starting as early as March 28th.
All players will begin match play on Monday April 16th, and ending May 4th.  Consisting of 6 total matches. All 6 matches will be conducted at Ruxer GC.
• 5 matches must be completed by each player to be considered for awards.
How Do I Register My Child?
Registration is simple. Simply go to the Registration Page, select the desired date and time to begin the lessons, fill-out the on-line form, and you're in!

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About DCJG

Highly successful golf swings are based on good fundamentals. These fundamentals are adopted through proper practice. It is not only the knowledge of basic golf fundamentals, it is the repeated application of them that produces consistent success. A very small percentage of golfers are ‘naturals’ and intuitively apply sound swing principals all the time. Hogan once said, “A natural golf swing produces bad results!” In other words, it takes practice to make a good motion - it does not come overnight.

Moreover, most novices or average golfers may practice but do so improperly. They either struggle with a misunderstanding of how the swing works thus grooving a consistenly incosistent motion, or try 'band-aids' and 'cure of the week fixes' experimenting so much that they never find a consistent move. Both cases are commonplace and yield little advancement.

Lets face it - golf is not easy. It is one of the most challenging games ever. So, it only makes sense that the learning process is developmental. Golf is learned in stages or building blocks. When stacking bricks, it would be rediculous to stack all the bricks at once. This would never work. Instead you must place one down at a time and move on to the next. Likewise in the golf swing, work on only one aspect at a time when conquering a new swing move. Follow the drills and exercises as suggested in practice plan. As tempting as it may be, do not try to add to this presciption. Doin so, will only open the doors for experimentation and failure. Stay the path and be patient, and results will be around the corner.